Ignacio Chavez:
guitars, bass & programming
Argel Medina:

drums & percussions

The new album is a leap forward from their previous output on Static Discos, leaving the post-jazz influences in favor of more post-rock shades. The music on the new album was produced by Kobol (Ignacio Chavez & Argel Medina) with guest musician Lilly Aycud on trumpet and artwork by Carlos Alanis. Recorded at Santa Fe Tracking Studios, and Blueplant studios.  

This time around Kobol showcase their remixing skills alongside new tracks and collaborations. Unlike their previous outing, Broken Ebony, Kobol have cleaned up the glitch in the machine but the smooth panoramic textures over banging down tempo rhythms remain. Murcof, State Shirt and Pepito get the remix treatment while the collaborations with singers Jazz De Mar, Emma Ejwertz and Ximena SariƱana profile Kobol's songwriting craft. Extempore shows how Kobol's production mastery has matured since their debut, providing us with larger than life sound structures that rely on acoustic drums, guitars, digital trickery and lush melodic arrangements.

Broken Ebony
Kobol's debut album draws from many musical idioms that go beyond the nu-jazz and IDM tags, breaking ground and taking us into a brave musical new world. Kobol's framework goes inside the detail of the texture of sound, manipulating live audio sources and implementing a mysterious and cinematic sense of wonder into the gritty beats. A jazz album for tweekheads and an electronic album for jazzheads.